Frequently asked questions
Frequently Asked Questions
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General Questions
What is Bridge Invest?

Bridge Invest is a young and legit bitcoin management company.

Where does Bridge Invest invest?

Our company is engaged in the cryptocurrencies industry, especially in bitcoin trading and bitcoin mining.

Where is Bridge Invest located?

Our company is registered in Selham Selham, United Kingdom since 2019.

Is Bridge Invest a financial pyramid?

No, it isn't. Bridge Invest investment project offers its clients investing into strategies that have been proven over many years of offline and online work.

Who can invest in your company?

Anyone who wishes to earn online can become investor of Bridge Invest. Any citizen of any country who has reached maturity can do this.

Account & Investment Questions
How can I create an account in Bridge Invest investment project?

In order to create an account in Bridge Invest investment project you have to go to registration page and fill in short form there.

How can I change password for my Bridge Invest account?

In order to change password, go to your account settings and put in necessary data.

I forgot or lost my account password. How can I restore it?

Please to login page, and use the function of password reset.

Can I open several accounts on Bridge Invest website?


What payment processor do you accept to invest?

We only accept Bitcoin.

What is minimum required amount to deposit?

You can start investing from $10.

What is maximum deposit?

You can invest as many times as you wish.

How fast is my money credited when making deposit?

It takes 3 confirmation for your bitcoin deposit arrive at your account, and the system will auto set up your investment plan.

Can I deposit via balance?

Yes, you can.

Withdrawal Questions
What is the minimum amount can I withdraw from account balance?

You can make withdrawal request of any amount that is more than $10.

How can I withdraw my profit?

You should fill your bitcoin address in your profile before make a withdrawal.

How fast my withdrawal request will be processed?

It may takes up to 48 business hours to process your withdrawal.

Affiliate program questions
What affiliate program does Bridge Invest offer?

Bridge Invest COMPANY offers a three-level partnership marketing program. You receive money for each deposit that has been made by your referral deep to 3 level.

What commission will I get if my referral makes a deposit with Bridge Invest

You will get 5% of deposit made by your referral at first level, and 3% at second plan, 1% at third level.

Can I promote Bridge Invest without an active deposit?

Yes, you can do that.

Bridge Invest is leading bitcoin management company in the worldwide.
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